Preserving Medical Choice


Welcome to the #NoMandates Initiative.

#NoMandates is an initiative started in Canada in response to the CMA’s proposal of mandating vaccines for daycare and school entry. This has struck a very deep and angry chord with many Canadians because we feel this is a blatant transgression on informed consent. In today’s economy most families cannot choose to  home school. This means many would be forced to consent under duress just to be able to feed their children.
Canada is one of only 2 G8 countries that doesn’t have a compensation program for people who suffer a serious adverse reaction to a vaccine. Medical exemptions are typically not available to the siblings of a vaccine injured individuals, despite the fact that they have a much higher chance of also suffering a serious reaction.
Mandating vaccines is also a basic violation of our laws, the medical rights of Canadians are deeply ingrained  in our legal system. Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects the individual’s rights of bodily autonomy and the Patients Bill of Rights is similarly protective.
Many families may choose to fully vaccinate but skip one vaccine like the flu shot after researching the effectiveness. However since it is on the pediatric schedule, the parents would be required to “consent” to their child receiving it.

Join us in preserving medical choice.

 If you wish to support the initiative we have a Zazzle store here: http://www.zazzle.ca/nomandates

We also have a Youcaring fundraiser, Youcaring allows you to donate with paypal too!

VCC has also created an in depth petition that you can sign