Preserving Medical Choice

Resources to get involved

If you want to get involved in protecting medical freedom there are multiple ways to get started.

The easiest is to start using the hashtag #nomandates whenever you make a post on social media about vaccines or bodily rights. You do not need a twitter account for it to work just use this symbol (#) and follow it with the text with no spaces. Other good hashtags include #nomandatesCAN and #universalfight just below are some good images for social media use.

Twitter banners

Facebook headers


I vaccinate facebook headers

We also have a picbadge community http://www.picbadges.com/t/vbRTec8v

The next best way to get involved is to write your MP about why this issue is important to your family. We have a couple form letters you can customize according to your needs lower down the page. To find your MP just go here:


If you are unsure if you wish to openly say anything about vaccines to your MP then writing to them to ask your MP to support the Charter of Health Freedom is a less direct way of addressing the issue.

There are also free printables such as posters, trifold pamphlets, and Tshirt logo’s. All the free printables can be found below.

We also have a zazzle store for those who want to help out financially and don’t have the time to do a Tshirt transfer themselves: www.zazzle.ca/nomandates The zazzle store also helps support the initiative because they pay us a royalty on each sale.

Essential freedoms template

Testimony template

These files are at 100dpi so home printers are not using huge amounts of ink.

Text only poster

Text poster with small image at the top

Trifold pamphlet

Tshirt images